$27.99 2nd Edition Hardcover


TITLE: Forefathers & Founding Fathers
FORMAT: 2nd Edition Hardcover
AUTHOR: Michael Gorton
ISBN-13: 978-1-61254-302-4
BISAC: Historical Fiction

What People Are Saying ...

"This book will challenge everything that history books have taught us about the 'founding years' in the American colonies. Young adult readers will make text to text and text to world connections as they journey four hundred years in history where horrific truths are revealed. Forefathers & Founding Fathers is an amazing historical account that defies everything we know about the beginning of America, including our Thanksgiving feast with the pilgrims. It leaves the reader wondering what else we are in the dark about."
— Marla Conn, founder, Readability Inc.

"History is exciting, especially in the greatest country in the world, and now brought to life by a thinker par excellence, Michael Gorton. This story vibrates with wisdom and insights. I look forward to the movie!"
— Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Brilliant! Intoxicating! I found myself absorbed in the relationships, the politics, and the struggles. Much more than a history lesson-it is a collection of leadership portraits that shaped our nation's destiny."
— General Rebecca Halstead (ret.), author and inspirational speaker

"We should make this required reading in every American History class— and, while we’re at it, hand it out to all members of Congress!"
— Clay Loney | Fox News

"Michael Gorton beautifully unveils what it means to be an American. What a fascinating read and what an incredible legacy."
— Benjamin Gorton | Relative of the Gorton clan

"This book is a page turner! When history becomes provocative, educational, and downright entertaining, you know you’re enjoying a great novel. Gorton is a master storyteller who makes history incredibly relevant to the challenges we face today."
— Laura Carabello | President of CPR Online